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Hello Beautiful

Young women everywhere are seeking their identity in a myriad of places.  


Am I beautiful? 

Does anyone love me? 

Who defines me? 

What is my purpose? 

How do I face my fear? 

Can I escape self-hate? 

Where can I find balance? 

Can I really change the world?


Questions that we have all asked at one time of our life- Hello Beautiful serves to answer these questions while encouraging young women to see themselves in their Father’s Eyes through the lens of God’s Word.  


Written in the form of letters to the reader, Hello Beautiful serves to encourage a relationship with Jesus that opens the heart and creates a desire to learn more.

Hello Beautiful: Companion Journal

Did you love the book? 
Then you'll love her companion journal! 
Filled with pages designed to connect with your Heavenly Father both creatively and in written word, this journal is the perfect companion to this beloved book. 
Share your heart.  Write like nobody will ever read it.  Include your deepest thoughts and prayers as the Lord leads you to the answers you long for.  Color outside the lines to your heart's delight. 
And as always- keep seeking Him, Beautiful! 
My prayer is that you will see yourself through the Father's eyes.
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